We are a Pentecostal Christian church located at 307 Front St. Hempstead, NY 11550. Our sole  objective and purpose is dedicated to the promulgating, publicizing, and proclamation of the Gospel of   Jesus Christ locally, nationally, and internationally in obedience to the Great Commision.

 (Matt. 28:19- 20; Mark 16:15-20) 


We started in the basement of our Pastors house. Pastors Karry and Carmen Rosado obeyed the call of the Lord and began their pastoral ministry in the basement of their home in Long Island. Pastor Karry began by picking up the brothers in his mini van from Long Island all the way to Brooklyn and back every Sunday. After half a year or so, we were able to raise enough money to buy a place for our new church. We found a place that used to be an auto shop on the corner of Wyona and Atlantic in Brooklyn, NY. We took that place as our new church and built it from the bottom up. We started from scratch; adding walls, putting new floors, installing new light fixtures and a bathroom, and  building the altar.

During September of 2021, we lost our Brooklyn location to a fire. Although we were out of a physical temple for 4 months, we did not stop hosting services and we did not cease from worshipping God. We brought it back to where it had all begun- to the basement in Long Island. We held our services there until God blessed us with our promised land in January of 2022. After many tears and countless prayers, we have been blessed with a beautiful temple located in Hempstead, NY.  God has helped us throughout it all.

Ambassadors of the Faith opened on October of 2006 and continues until this day in victory!


Pastor Karry Rosado was born in Brooklyn, NY on August 28 1967. His parents are Elisaura Pacheco and Jose Rosado. Pastor Karry worked for 20 years with the city of New York as a cop and retired in October 2010. Pastor Carmen Rosado was born on April 15, 1970 in Brooklyn, NY. Her parents are Georgina Hernandez and Luis Torres. On August 25, 1990 they were united in marriage. December 31, 1994 they had their daughter Krystal Marie Rosado. Pastor Karry gave his life to the Lord on February 6, 1994 and Pastor Carmen on January 2, 1994 in the church AIC where, for the glory of God, they worked together with their Pastors Samuel and Awilda Alvarado for 10 years. There, they excersiced several positions as teachers, trustees, society presidents , Superintendent of Bible school, musician, and directors of young children. On April 7, 2006, Pastors obeyed the call of God and began a work in the basement of their home in Long Island. Months later they continued the work on what is now the church Ambassadors of the Faith. They have been faithful to God's call and supported this work greatly. We are grateful for our pastors. Their work for the Lord is not in vain. This walk has not been easy, but the Lord has helped them this far to reach God's promise. May God bless them abundantly!

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Meet Our Leaders

Saidy Medina



Julie Morales


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